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10 Health Benefits of Akuamma

Akuamma [a-qar-mma], also commonly referred to as Picralima Nitida [pick-ra-lima ni-tida], is a cherished West African herb, renowned for its many health benefits. As a consequence of its mixture of alkaloids Akuamma has analgesic, antipyretic [reduces fever or quells it] and anti-inflammatory effects among other health benefits of akuamma.

We use the ground seeds (powder) of this plant which have been used in traditional West African medicine for a long time. This herbal extract has been used to help get relief from various conditions, such as malaria, pain, sleep issues, fevers and gastrointestinal disorders.
Akuamma is very effective in reducing pain.

Among the many health benefits of akuamma include;
1) Anti-Malarial Activity

2) Trypanocidal Activity ailments like sleeping sickness

3) Anti-Leishmanial Activity (a blood parasite)

4) Antipyretic Activity (reduces temperature)

5) Analgesic Activity (pain reduction) conditions such as migraines/headaches, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

6) Anti-Inflammatory Activity

7) Anti-Diarrhoeal Activity

8) Antioxidant and Anti-Diabetic Activities

9) Sedative Activity

10) Anti-Ulcer Activity

Pain: Akuamma is regarded a better alternative to opiates which are addictive and have withdrawal effects and addiction. Akuamma seeds are effective in the management of sore muscles pain relief takes roughly 15-30 minutes.

Sedative: Akuamma seed extract is known to reduce stress and anxiety to give one a calming, soothing, and overall relaxing effect, Akuamma is also known to help counter panic attacks, also those who experience sleep problems like insomnia and nightmares.

Due to strong sedative properties of Akuamma a peaceful sleep can be attained if taken just before sleep. The calming effects of Akuamma are almost immediate giving you a good rest free of pain, stress and or anxiety.

Dependant one severity of symptoms; take one 1 x 700mg capsule morning and night before sleep.  Depending on your pain you may take up to 2 capsules twice a day.   Do not take whilst pregnant or breast feeding.  Do not take when driving any vehicles due to its analgesic properties.

Under no circumstances does Bio-Medicals make any claims that Akuamma will definately relieve your pain and we make no claims that the many positive associated scientific studies will be effective for you.  Whilst many studies have been done on Akuamma and its benefits (which is easy for you to research), under the law we are not permitted to say that it will work.  Everyone tolerates natural medicines, pain and anxiety differently, whilst it may be effective for some it may not be for others.  Bio-Medicals aims to make natural health medicines affordable to you, we only stock products that are well studied and safe.