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Medicinal use of olive leaf from ancient times to now

Olive tree, Latin name Olea europaea was first used as the source of medicine for ancient Egyptians. For them it was a symbol of heavenly power. Olive leaves have been used in the human diet as an extract, an herbal tea and a powder. They contain many potentially bioactive compounds that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypoglycaemic properties. It also helps in weight loss and reduces cholesterol in bloodstream.

There are a myriad of ways ancient people used olive leaf for medicinal purposes. In the early 1800s, pulverised olive leaves were used to treat fever. It was adeed in tea to treat malaria. Olive leaf is beneficial in the treatment for conditions caused by a virus, retrovirus, bacterium or protozoan. In the early 1900s, scientists isolated a bitter compound in the olive leaf called oleuropein that was thought to give the olive tree its disease resistance.

Olive leaf extract was believed to increase energy, regulate blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, support the cardiovascular system and help with infections.

With time, olive leaf extract has become a popular food supplement that has widespread use in helping chronic disease, improving immune system and many more uses.

For its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory property olive leaf extract is used for removing free radicals from the body that causes cell damage and various types of inflammatory diseases. Research shows that olive leaf extract has almost double the amount of anti-oxidant than green tea extract. In addition to the substance called oleuropein, olive leaf extract contains active compounds like hydroxytyrosol, as well as several other polyphenols and flavonoids, including oleocanthal, elenolic acid etc. Olive leaf extract works very well when used in combination of other antioxidants.

Now a days, olive leaf extract is used in many medicinal applications and also ingested as a food supplement to help treat diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and generally improving immune system to prevent flu, common cold, fatigue and many other symptoms.

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