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Organic Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil 4 Litres



Organically Refined Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil 4 Litre Pail

Fresh organic ingredients, ambient temperatures and gentle extraction methods are used when producing Bio-Medicals tasteless cooking coconut oil. It involves a four-stage process:

The extracted coconut flesh is gently smoked, creating a seal over the flesh that prevents the surface from gaining any fungal growth. The temperature at which coconut oil begins to smoke, and its medium chain structure begins to change/be damaged is very high (180°C). The heat applied during this gentle smoking process is much less than 180°C.

Once the coconut has been harvested and smoked to form copra (a word used to describe smoked coconut meat), the next step is to extract the oil. The copra is broken up, placed in huge vats, and then immersed in water. Using ambient temperatures (tropical temperatures are more than adequate, as coconut oil is a liquid at temperatures above >25°C), the oil is allowed to separate and rise to the top of the vat. The oil is then removed and and the copra mechanically pressed to extract any remaining oil.

The extracted oil has an orange colour and smoky flavour. Thus, the oil is pumped through Diatomaceous Clays to filter out the orange colour.

In a very sustainable fashion, the last process is to pump the oil through carbon charcoal filters, which removes the smoked coconut flavour. The same charcoal that was created by burning the coconut shell in the first step (when smoking the coconut flesh to create copra) is used.There you have it! That’s the process involved in removing the taste and aroma of our Certified Organic TASTELESS COCONUT COOKING OIL (TCCO)

No nasties are used, the coconuts are fresh and organic, and only ambient temperatures are applied so that you may retain all the health benefits that come with consuming regular varieties.

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