Certified Organic Coconut Oil

Local Australian Family Owned and Business, Packing all our Coconut Oil Range on The Gold Coast

With so many coconut oil products on the market, it’s hard to determine the good from the bad.  At Bio-Medicals, we only use certified organic oil coconut oil in our range. This means there are no harmful ingredients and you’re not just buying a good product, you’re buying the best coconut oil on the market.  The best Coconut Oil in the World comes from a handful of different locations in the world, Philippines and Pacific Islands.  If you are buying coconut oil sourced from any other countries, you may be supporting Animal cruelty (Monkeys pick up to 1000 coconuts a day in some countries) and Oil adulteration.   Oil Adulteration is a process where Virgin Coconut Oil is mixed with Palm Oil or Refined Oil to make it cheaper to produce but they get a premium to sell.

At Bio-Medicals we have built long lasting relationships with our manufacturers of our Coconut Oil who support up to 4000 Farmers in the Philippines. We buy in Bulk in Steel Food Grade Drums and then our bottling operations is done on the Coast.  To keep the oil pure and fresh, we pour as customers order.  We still use a manual technique of melting and pouring, as this supports local Australian jobs.  We do not automate our bottling process.

We offer a range of different sizes and packaging options: Whether you’re after easy pour retail size options, or bulk 4 Litre and 20 Litre pails or 200L drum size, we have coconut oil to suit your needs.

If you aren’t a fan of the coconut smell or taste you will love our unique Tasteless Organically Refined Coconut Oil.  This is refined buy using heat and then filtered through activated Charcoal and Clay, thus removing the smell and taste of the coconut meat.  This range is also perfect for children or pets who have a sensitive pallet.  When you choose Bio-Medicals as your partner in health, you know you’re getting the freshest and highest quality ingredients, packed safely and hygienically in our Burleigh Heads warehouses on the Gold Coast.  All of our staff have been trained in workplace health and safety, and uphold the highest standard of accountability when processing your order.  Our promise to you is that we will never let you down.

Over the course of the year, Bio-Medicals will produce 120,000 litres of coconut oil. So many people are already experiencing the benefits of our coconut oil range, so what are you waiting for?

Safety and Storage Instructions

Store below 30◦C, out of direct heat and sunlight. No refrigeration required.

For More Information on Our Coconut Oil Range Contact Our Gold Coast Warehouse

If you would like more information about our range of organic coconut oil, contact us at our Burleigh Heads warehouse.