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Bio-Medicals is a Nutraceutical company located on the beaches of the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.

Howard Talbot, a naturopath by profession, is the CEO & owner of Bio-Medicals. Howard saw a gap within the Nutraceutical market while working at his local medical centre on the Gold Coast. Howard formulated a small but sophisticated range of products that he could offer his patients to assist them in living a healthy and happy life.

Bio-Medicals has 9 employees and two large warehouses, with one of those warehouses dedicated to pouring and packaging 25,000 litres of coconut oil per year. Bio-Medicals produce 26 different products, all which encapsulate our companies ethos of using high quality ingredients to promote over health and wellbeing.



Dr. Howard Talbot

Howard Talbot is an Assistant Professor. Howard started the company in 2002 with a small range of sophisticated supplements. As a qualified and practicing naturopath with many years of experience under his belt, Howard has always been passionate about natural health and research. Bio-Medicals has grown to now be the market leader, specialising in Organic Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil plus a sophisticated supplement, health food and Homeopathic range of products.

Howard is an Assistant Professor Emeritus of Natural Research, Research Fellow, Chinese Medical Board of Australia accredited Doctor of Acupuncture, a Naturopath and a general Alternative Health Practitioner. He has also previously served as the Dean of Collage of Natural Therapies, and been a guest speaker on Brisbane and Gold Coast radio, speaking on a range of health topics. Howard is also a past Treasurer of the Alumni Association of Alternative Health Practitioners.

Howard is available for a chat over the phone for any health questions you may have. He practices at Christine Avenue Medical Centre, Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast in Queensland on a Saturday and his fees ($75.00) are claimable on most major private health care insurers.

Howard’s naturopathic delivery centres around five major health principles forming the acronym

Omega 3 : 6 ratios

Howard’s motto is – “Treat the Symptoms and Chance to Lose, Treat the Cause and Dare to Win.”


Jill Talbot

Jill is a successful, service orientated Business person, with 18 years of wowing customers with her style of business management.  Jill manages our chains of Pharmacies, International Exports and National Distributors.  Jill is also responsible for the day to day operational needs of the business