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Thank you very much, i have received my parcel. Absolutely love this product. My arthritis has been practically non existent since taking this product.


Yours truly


Patricia Boucher

- Patricia Boucher

Hi there, just a heads up, I love the supplement, really feel a difference, best one so far.

Happy New Year, stay healthy


- Elisabeth Ann

I had resigned myself to a gradual decline of my body parts (pain in joints like hips, knees etc) until I started to take Turmeric. I thought I confirm the results by going off the capsules for a week, and fair enough, the pain came back.
I am sooooo happy. (age 75)

- Hans Strichow

My husband does not like the taste of coconut oil. Can you imagine my relief when I came across Bio Medical and organic tasteless coconut oil. I now buy the large container. It is perfect for a multitude of reasons and I sincerely recommend it. In addition, delivery was very prompt and Jill and Howard from the company have been really supportive with my enquiries. 10/10.

- Judee Hawkins

This coconut oil has a delicate coconutty flavour that is not overpowering and has a very smooth silky texture when applying straight to the skin.

- Ingrid Koppers

I bought 2 litres Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil . I have used the coconut oil as a part of my Bulletproof Coffee and love the sustained energy is giving me for reasonably long time. I also used it for head massage for my 2 year old daughter and can feel the difference in the quality. Previously I have bought coconut oil from local grocery store for similar price but the quality was no where near it. Thank you for providing such a Top Quality Product.

I am 200% Satisfied with the product.

Kind Regards

Harish Gulati

Melbourne, Australia

- Harish Gulati

I first came across BioMedicals in 2014, particularly the Garcinia Cambodia capsules. I also remember hearing about this on Dr Oz and thought I will give it a try. Might I say almost 4 years later this is by far the best Garcinia capsules I have found. Whilst I have not consistently taken them for the whole 4 years as I had breaks when reaching my desired goal, I always return back to this brand. I also love that they are here in Australia (made and owned). Have recommended to family and friends who are also enjoying and seeing the benefits/results. Thanks BioMedicals.

- natasha.yolanda

I use this oil in my vegan baking business. So many customers rave that my food doesn’t have the coconut taste in everything that many of them dislike. I can’t recommend this oil highly enough. From delivery to receipt was very quick and I live in a regional WA area.

- Jayne Walton

Been on the Turmeric for nearly three years for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Excellent product especially with the probiotics with it.

- Vicki Townson

I have Type 1 Diabetes and 12 months ago I started to suffer with oral lichen planus, a painful ongoing inflammatory disease of the mouth. White spots and film to tongue, and lesions on inside of mouth. Doctors say it has no cure. After numerous creams, tablets etc, prescribed by Doctors, the condition worsened. I tried over the counter turmeric tablets, which had little effect also. A friend suggested switching to organic curcumin that used black pepper. Since switching to your Bio-medical Organic Turmeric 5000mg, within a few weeks I started to notice a slight decrease in pain, and after a month, the spots and whiteness decreased. 3 months on, only a few tiny spots, and the pain all but gone. It’s more than I could hope for, and I couldn’t recommend your product highly. Thank you!

- Davina Morrison

Wow, what a product! Helped relieve my arthritis within days. I used to suffer everyday, but no more. Great 5000mg formula too!

- Jamal Scott

Having suffered from digestive issues from a young age, I was thrilled to discover Bio-Medicals’ Turmeric Capsules – which not only contain turmeric (the best anti-inflammatory ingredient for soothing an inflamed digestive tract), but also black pepper to help with its absorption. I was also elated to find the capsules contain probiotics – it’s like getting 3 separate medications in one! I take them when I go traveling and am likely to eat foreign foods that may cause an upset stomach. Another bonus is they don’t require refrigeration. My mum even takes them to help with her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Amazing what one little capsule can do!

- Sharon Rosenrauch (BPsyC, MNut Cand.)

Thank you Howard and Jill.
This is my (well yours really) success story. If you don’t wish to read it please delete.

Eight years ago I started feeling like death warmed up. I had been seeing Naturopaths periodically since I was 23 (at the time I was 37). After 6 months of sleeping 17 – 20 hours per day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time they didn’t find the primary tumour, the tumours were found in the lymph nodes in my arm pit. Two operations later I was given chemotherapy, I refused to have radiotherapy because they were just going to fry everything, and then I was put on hormone therapy to drain my body of as much oestrogen as possible in the shortest amount of time. While this was happening I was continually checked to see if they could find the original tumour. Everytime I was checked with mamograms and ultrasounds they thought they found something and I was subjected to fine needle biopsies and aspirations, all turned out to be cysts or fatty lumps.

After being made into a pin cushion for 18 months to 2 years I decided enough was enough and made the decision to have a bi-lateral mastectomy. Ouch! When the results of the pathology came back the primary tumour was found hiding behind the nipple and it was also found that the tumours were starting to spread and become active again. So once again I was put onto the hormone therapy. This is where I crashed and burned. Absolutely fell apart (train wreck).

My body was falling apart. I’d always had a problem with my gut and digestion but now it seemed that my body was unable to tolerate anything good for me, my diet was so restricted that eating out was impossible and I obviously was not eating a balanced diet, but the only alternative was to eat things that I knew would give me a migraine headache for a week or have me sitting on the toilet for the week with chronic diarrhoea.

When I had hit the bottom of the barrell I eventually found bio-medicals and had my hair analysis done. This was pretty grim. About 8 or 9 weeks ago I started the regime of Natures Boost, Cellaris and Chiromag, along with a few other changes. The change did not miraculously happen overnight because I was so down in everything but I tell you what I feel like a million dollars compared to what I felt like then, and the futures only looking rosier, so I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you to both of you for your assistance in this matter. Most people take their health for granted but I can assure you that it is a blessing that we should not take for granted because it can be taken away in a heart beat.

I am being naughty at the moment and eating eveything and anything because I am being able to get away with it and I haven’t been able to enjoy these things for such a long time. My taste buds are in heaven baby. I’ll pull myself back into line soon. I’d better, I’m starting to exercise (which is also something I haven’t been able to do for a long time), my friend wants me to do the city to surf with her, I think that’s nearly reaching for the stars but we will see how I go.

Again a heart felt thank you.

Yours in health

- Susan Sweeney

At Homestyle Health Port Lincoln South Australia we have been getting excellent feedback from customers taking Nature’s Boost & Chiromax. I had personally tried other Glucosamine supplement but had no joy. After being on Nature’s Boost & Chiromax within a few days my stiffness has gone and my energy level is much greater. The products are fantastic.

- Kay Smith (Owner at Homestyle Health)

Since taking Nature’s Boost my digestion has improved considerably. I had suffered from bloating and wind but this has reduced to almost nil in just 2 weeks. As an added bonus my general well being and energy level has improved greatly. Thanks!

- Wendy (Port Lincoln)

I have suffered with back and neck pain for the last 5 years, after contacting Bio-Medicals and being prescribed the Chiromax product, the pain is a distant memory. The product works so quickly, with taking the regular dosage, my health has improved ten fold. I would recommend this product to anyone who thinks they have to put up with back, neck and joint pain.

- Ben Holland

I have no doubt that coconut oil assists the body to rid itself of debilitating toxins. I use it every day in place of other oils including butter. It is a very stable cooking oil and great for stir fries. It is an excellent massage oil and I also apply it to the whole of my body after my daily shower. It gives my skin a healthy glow and definitely helps my look younger. 

- Maxine Miller

I have been involved in the wellness profession as a Nutrition Consultant for the past fifteen years. There have been many new developments in the area of Natural Health products, unfortunately many of these so called “great products” are of poor quality and weak in active ingredient strength, un-be-known to many consumers, they are trying in vain to better their health condition.

Fortunately Bio-Meidcals products were introduced into my clinic. These profoundly high quality products have changed the lives of many of my clients. Chiromax has given pain relief for many of my clients with muscular/skeletal disorders, where other similar products that I once supplied, gave minimal to no relief.

Nature’s Boost, which I’m sure from personal experience, would be the most superior Probiotic nutrient blend available in Australia, is an essential ingredient for any nutritional program that I recommend for a range of digestive disorders, with remarkable results. The list of quality products made available by Bio-Medicals goes on with outstanding results.

I congratulate Howard and Bio-Medicals for making available these wonderful, natural nutritional products and many thanks for contributing to the vitality of so many of my clients.

- Danny Stuart (Whitsunday Health Clinic, Airlie Beach. North Queensland)

I work in Sydney as a sales rep and am constantly on the road. I have suffered from what I thought were stress headaches but to my surprise since taking Céllaris my headaches have disappeared.

- Kim Nolan

I ordered more bottles of Garcinia Max because I ended up giving 2 bottles for a friend who I saw was struggling to lose weight for ages and was exercising like a demon but starving herself with no results. Now she is absolutely wrapped that she can actually eat normally and has lost over 10kg so far. My husband is also taking them after he saw my weight drop, he only is taking one a day though, but is also losing as much and as fast as I am. I had also bought 3 bottles for my mother, she has only just started taking them for a week now, and is already starting to see results, but much slower than us. Different results with different people, but definitely getting great results after trying so many other products, diets etc.

P.s….I have to tell you, the first thing I noticed on taking the very first capsule was the end of cravings or hunger, definitely the appetite suppresser worked like magic for me.

- Carmen (eBay Customer Dec 2014)